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5 Foods We Should Avoid in Summer

Summer foods


In Pakistan, April is the month when the temperatures begin to rise all over the country and summer arrives; unless you’re lucky to be staying at a hill station. We start drinking more water, iced teas and prefer more ice cream.


But except all these, we need to remember certain things. Dealing with the summer heat isn’t only about what you should eat, but also about what you ABSOLUTELY SHOULD NOT.


Here are some foods we all should avoid during summers, just to make sure that we stay healthy.



Dry Fruits


dry fruits


Since we are all told time and time again that eating dry fruits is actually very healthy. But it is proved to be better to avoid almonds, cashews, walnuts and raisins in summers.

The reason is simple; these dry fruits generate a lot of heat in the body, and sometimes it can get to a level higher than we can handle.


Fried Food




No one can resist the combination of tea and pakoras?  But, during summers, this “everyone’s favorite” snack can become a bitter pill for us, health-wise. Excessive oil can slow down digestion.

So, we should just stay away from fried food, and we won’t feel too much of the heat. We can bake pakoras if we still want them.



It feels good to sit on a sofa with a glass of something fruity or something strong. But doing that in summers will definitely make you less comfortable.



Alcohol in summer does not go very well. In fact, drinking alcohol generates so much heat in our body that it might lead to a heat stroke. Surely, one can avoid alcohol during summer season?



Most of us depend on caffeine to get through the day actively. Cups of tea and coffee have become a standard for organizations. That’s why many offices even offer caffeine for free.



But we should avoid coffee and tea in summers; because caffeine generates excessive heat in the body. Instead, we should prefer lemonade or iced tea. We can stay cool with this at least.


Chillies and Spices

We might love spicy food, but the higher the spice level is, the more our chances of feeling less comfortable.



Whether the cause of hotness is just chilies, or a combo of chilies and spices, spicy food can be toxic during summers. It increases the rate of digestion in the body. And prompts a thermogenic effect; which can slow down the cooling effect of anything else we eat or drink.


Avoiding these five foods will ensure that the heat level in your body stays at perfect balance. Get rid of all the hot foods you still have in your kitchen.


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