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Do you know the 5 Unknown Tourist Destinations in Pakistan

Tourist Destinations in Pakistan

5 Unknown Tourist Destinations in Pakistan


Pakistan still has many unknown tourist destinations. Life is a race, a fight for being the best.In fact, routines of this century call for a break for all of us. We cannot learn from books only, but we can learn from visiting historical and new places. However, visiting famous cities isn’t the best option. One should go away from them. Far far away…

 Visiting far off places can help us discover the nature and history as well as ourselves and our souls. “The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.” -Eleanor Roosevelt



Meher-gardh is heaven on earth for those who love History. The ruins of Mehrgardh are still located in the Kacchi Plain, in Baluchistan.

It was once a little cultivating town that has been dated to between 6500 BCE to 5500 BCE. As a matter of fact, the entire territory covers various progressive settlements. In addition. archeological material has been found in six hills. Around 32,000 curios have been gathered. Individuals with understanding and shrewdness would love the human advancement of Mehrgardh. It is a living case of the ascent and fall of human developments.

“Revelations at Mehrgarh changed the whole idea of the Indus progress,” -Ahmad Hasan Dani, teacher of prehistoric studies at Quaid-e-Azam University, in Islamabad.

“There we have the entire arrangement, appropriate from the earliest starting point of settled town life.”                -Catherine Jarrige, of the Center for Archeological Research Indus Baluchistan at the Musée Guimet in Paris.

Banjosa Lake

Up in the north there is the astounding manufactured lake in Azad Kashmir, close city of Rawalakot. It is situated at an elevation of 1,981 meters. Banjosa Lake is a mind freshing tourist destination for the covered souls of urban communities. The excellent lake is enclosed by thick pine trees and huge mountains. It is still unknown to most of the urban people.


The Legislature deals with the convenience. There are agreeable rest houses and resorts here that AJK Tourism and Archeology Department claimed. Pakistan Public Works Department and Pearl Development Authority are here for voyagers remain. You can find a couple of lodgings, visitor houses and tuck shops in the region around the lake where individuals can have tea and invest quality energy with their friends and family.


The Great Sphinx and The Princess of Hope

These two flawlessly carved substances lie in the South of Baluchistan, in the Makran drift confronting the Arabian Sea. No skilled workers cut these statues. In fact, they were once overwhelming rocks. It was the hustle of wind that slice through the mountain, and left behind two delightful figures for the human eye to witness. These two are also unknown to most history lovers.


Deosai Mountains

On the off chance that you look for peril and set out, Deosai Mountains are your purpose in life. Deosai Mountain spread crosswise over in the north of Pakistan in Kashmir. The range stretches out for 120 miles (190 km) from the Indus River, twist at Bunji to the Karcha (Suru) River, which isolates the range from the Zaskar Range.


The territory of the Deosai Mountains is rough and relatively without human populace. As a result, it is unknown. Meager vegetation manages a couple of strong snow capped well evolved creatures, for example, the marmot. Surviving and going here is intense and not for the soft hearted people. The region holds a great deal of fascination for the individuals who look for experience and difficulties.



Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has flawless mountains and thick peaks. Takht-I-Bahi takes you for a trek to the past. Actually, Takh-I-Bahi was a Zoroastrian complex, dated to the first century BCE. Archeologists see this complex as illustrative of the engineering of Buddhist ascetic focuses from its period. It is an UNESCO World Heritage Site.

This demolished city can recount stories of a considerable measure of fights and religious just by being there.


There may be many many more unknown places in whole Pakistan. We should explore these sites and look for more.


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