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Pakistani people are trolling Nawaz Sharif over his disqualification

Whenever it comes to trolling Pakistani people got no chill and they troll anyone whenever they get a chance and now Pakistani people are trolling Nawaz Sharif over his disqualification.

Supreme Court disqualified Nawaz Sharif again for the lifetime and he cannot ever stand for elections for the rest of his life.

He was disqualified under Article 62 of the Constitution which says that in order to become a parliamentarian, they have to be “Sadiq & Ameen”.

Here are some tweets of Pakistani people that will make you go Rofl :

Imran Khan is the happiest person on earth right now after hearing that Nawaz Sharif got disqualified again xD.

Imran Khan

This social media user asked Imran Khan to give him a treat because he is the happiest person right now after this decision :

Nawaz Sharif

After disqualified for 2 times Nawaz Sharif has now become a brand :

Brand: Nawaz Sharif

Slogan: Disqualified for life


“Ab mazeed trial hue to Maryam Nawaz ka paternity test bhi negative na aa jae”😂😂

Nawaz Sharif

Whenever it comes to trolling Pakistani people are best :

Nawaz Sharif

“Mian shb jatey jatey aik Motorway hi bana jatey

Nawaz Sharif

A proud moment for all Pakistanis.Pakistani guy made a new world record by disqualified for the 5th time in a single case.Very talented nation, SubhanAllah.

Nawaz Sharif

 if you are sad that no one loves you just remember Nawaz Sharif loves you.❤❤

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