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Actor, model Feroze Khan to tie the knot soon

Pakistani Actor Feroze Khan tying the knot by the end of this month.

Feroze Khan

Pakistani chocolaty T.V Actor is reportedly tying the knot by the end of this month.

Yes, you read that right! Khaani star reportedly tying the knot by the end of this month, According to his sister Humaima Malik his brother Feroze Khan is going for “arranged marriage” to a girl that lives in Karachi, Pakistan.So, if you are a die-hard fan of a Feroze Khan, then grab your tissues.

Speaking to the News Channel exclusively, Feroze excitedly revealed, “I’m very excited! This is something that I was looking for and it’s finally happening for me.”

Feroze Khan revealed in a live Facebook session that he will be tying knot by the end of this month.He also added, “I’m also looking forward to many exciting things that come with marriage. I know internet has gone crazy with my marriage news but at this time I just want to live in the moment and enjoy it and I want my fans to respect my privacy as I celebrate with my family.”

“I know my fans are curious to know all about my marriage but at this moment I would just let them know that it’s a very special time for myself and my family and we acknowledge and are deeply grateful for my fans good wishes,” said Feroze Khan.

Humaima Malick revealed that her Bhabi lives in KarachiPakistan.

“It’s a complete arranged marriage,” said Humaima Malik. “My brother Feroze Khan and his bride didn’t know each other before our families decided on this. She’s not a relative.”

“I’m getting a desi bhabhi!” she laughed. “She has nothing to do with the industry or showbiz.” The wedding will be held in Karachi by the end of this month.

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